Campaign of the Month: September 2019

The Cold Truce

Aftermath IX

The party revives Gale and performs a small magic ritual to ensure that he has not been infected by one of the spies and turned into a Wire Kin. Once cleared, he tells them that he will be leaving town and heading back to the Keep to both get his uneven arm taken care of, and to send a new agent to preside over the safe house. He gives the party access to browse and purchase some of the goods stored at the safe house, then tosses them a key to use whenever they are in town. By the time he ushers them out it is already nearing midnight, and the agents make their way to the train yard.

Once there, the party loads the horses and cart (after “negotiating” more compensation) into a Rail car. They decide to stay with the cargo as there a several hammocks in the car and they do not want anything to happen to the boom glass they are transporting. With that, the train begins its journey along the Rail. Leaf entertains the party with song and dance, and feeds one of the horses a ration of Mother’s flower to entice her into performing with him. The effect is potent, and Leaf decides to name his new horse friend Olivia after she seems to be completely enamored with him. The party soon decides watches and settles in for the night.

The night passes uneventfully, but in the early morning hour on Falon’s watch, a Kenku suddenly falls from the hatch in the roof of the car after having lost its footing. The party quickly realizes that the creature was not trying to break in, but was trying to sneak back out! Kenku_by_Dave_Allsop.jpg They make their way to the top of the car where they see several more Kenku fleeing atop the moving train carrying now full bags. The fight is intense as the party tries not only to defeat the birds atop a moving train, but also prevent the packs they carry from possibly detonating! After successfully defeating the thieves, as well fending off several Kenku trying to ambush them from the sides of the train, the party makes their way back into their car and carefully pack the boom glass back into its crates.