Campaign of the Month: September 2019

The Cold Truce

Aftermath XIII

The guards quickly fill the yard, surrounding the party at blade point. But when it becomes apparent that they have been injured while fighting the now melting giant monstrosity, they are simply questioned and their wounds are cared for. Once the guard feels that they have gathered enough information, and begin investigating the scene closer, they order the party back to their Rail car. The party arrives at their car to begin the long ride to Shade’s Rest. In the car, they find a bag of sweet-water taffy, and a note from Kastor. It reads that he apologizes that they haven’t gotten any fresh air, and that they’re going to have a days rest before their next leg.

While the party gets some rest, Matchstick uses some of the taffy and a few shards of Boom Glass to make Stick Bombs.

While on watch, Razvahn is disturbed by a noise coming from outside. Investigating further as the noise grows louder, he peers through a viewing slat to see thousands of ravens beginning to circle to car. As he ponders the meaning of this, he hears footsteps overhead, immediately stirring him to climb up out of the compartment. There, he is met by an awesome sight. Tens of thousands of ravens have encircled the car, and rise up into the sky like a tornado. There on the roof, he stands at the eye of it. Several feet from the hatch where he emerged from, stands a figure. Clad in a cloak of Shadow Raven feathers and darkness, stands a Raven Knight. Razvahn immediately drops the knee in reverence and raises iyvsGS2.jpg his chain weapon in offering. The Raven Guard steps forward and takes the weapon from him.

“This thing you seek, it threatens more than just the Shadowfell. It seeks to bring an end to all. What you seek, threatens even Death itself. It must be stopped. You must be the Herald in the mortal Plane”

He takes a single feather from his cloak and holds it over the weapon. As he does, it transforms. The chain binds together and thickens as it slowly morphs into a 6 foot long great sword, its edges barbed with raven claws and teeth of chains. Barbed_Straight_Sword__DSIII_.png He puts the new weapon in Razvahn’s up turned hands.

" This weapon is the will of the Raven Queen. Her will for all the Planes. Your will, and the fate of all. Good luck Razvahn."

The Raven Knight suddenly explodes in a flurry of giant black birds, and the rest of the storm disperses out into the sky. Razvahn takes hold of his new weapon and begins to practice his stances and maneuvers. As he does so, he can feel his mass shifting, and his muscles changing to accommodate this new blade. He descends back down into the Rail car, and settles down to ponder the message shared with him by the Raven Knight.

Toward the end of his watch, a sudden bang on the roof hatch hatch wakes the party. Someone above cries that there is to be a “performance” further up the train. As Razvahn climbs out of the hatch to investigate, he sees a Kenku jump down between Rail cars. At the same time, he is struck by an excruciating pain and falls down into the car. A battle quickly ensues! A mage blasts them with arcane energy as the party fights several Kenku and a half-orc brute. With the help of Razvahn’s new blade, a few deadly bolts, and some expertly cast spells, their victory is secured. Also- Raz Skewers a Kenku from above, pogo stick style.

Once they have won, Falon advances to the Rail car where the mage had been attacking them from. Inside, he finds a small crate chained down to the floor. The contents of the car are sparse, containing only the crate, a cot, and sparse survival supplies. When Falon casts a simple cantrip to feel out the arcane energies of the crate, everything fades to black, and the seer blacks out…



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