Campaign of the Month: September 2019

The Cold Truce

The Beholder's Bazaar 1

In the aftermath of the battle, the party finally takes stock of their surroundings. Just as rays of sun barely creep over the horizon, they begin to hear and see help arrive. Wagons of locals, apperating wizards, and transported troops all begin to descend on the wreckage to offer their help. The party and Alysia are approached by a carriage surrounded by Gremshin guards, and a tall Half Orc in ornate armor calls out to them. Alysia addresses him as “Captain”, and the two discuss the chaos. He tells her that her mother and father have heard of the disaster, and have sent the carriage to take her to the residence in Faxton. Charles tells the party that he has work to do and needs to help the other victims of the crash. He shyly asks Matchstick if he can send her a letter some time. After a brief moment, she gives him the Messanger Sparrow with a smile. Meanwhile, Alysia informs the Captain that the party is invited to travel with them as her personal escorts.

While the Gremshin clan plans, Matchstick wanders back to find Kastor and his companions to inform them of the Agent’s departure. But, tragedy has struck, and their Rail car has been almost completely demolished. Among the wreckage she finds one of Kastor’s companions, but not the Kobold himself. Taking the opportunity to….. prevent any Kenku from robbing the deceased…. Matchstick pockets come coin, jewels, and a small lock box.

Returning to her companions, the she finds that they are now on their way to the Gremshin Rail car to secure the Lock Box, and to try to find out what happened to the Gremshin brothers. As they approach the car that Alysia knows the negotiations were happening, Razvahn tells her “You know they are most likely dead, right?”. Hurt and bewildered, the girl charges ahead. But everyone comes to a jaring halt at the sight of the rail car. one wall has been obliterated, and what remains of the wreckage is COVERED in blood. The scene causes the young Half Orc to turn away, but the party presses forward with a few soldiers to investigate. Falon is able to determine that the blood is not just orc bloods, but also many other types of creatures. Matchstick discerns that the car itself didn’t just crash, but was also exploded from inside by several alchemical blasts. The party and Gremshin clan make their way back to the carriage where the Captain informs them that the Lock Box will be brought to the young lady once found. With that, the party boards coach to travel to Faxton.

The carriage turns out to be a dimensional pocket, and the small 4 bedroom apartment is a welcome respite after the chaotic day. Alysia offers the party refreshments and answers a few of their questions. It seems the Lock Box will hold not only large cash deposites and other valuables, but should contain the papers and information on the specifics of the trade agreements that were being negotiated. As they wait, they realize that the Half Orc is beginning to grow tire, and Matchstick notices that Alysia has dosed her own drink. Exhausted and now slightly medicated, she offers them to inspect the box once it is brought to them and she wakes from her rest to open it. As she leaves, she gestures to Razvahn to follow her to her room. The Shadar Kai follows without a word and closes the door….