Campaign of the Month: September 2019

The Cold Truce

The Beholder's Bazaar II

A short while later, several Gremshin guards arrive with the Lock Box. With the promise that Olivia will be well taken care of while they travel, the caravan sets off. Matchstick itches to test her wits against such a challenge, but hold off and waits for their hostess. After some well deserved rest, the party awakes to a shirtless Razvahn making strong aromatic coffee for everyone.
Alysia comes out from her room shortly after and they get to business. She palms the top of the box , and after it takes a drop of her blood, the wardings and locks deactivate, and the chest swings open. Inside is an assortment of currencies and gems that the family travels with during negotiations and trades. Alysia quickly however pulls open the compartment of documents and envelopes. She sorts thru them until she pronounces that the deeds to many of the eastern shore fisheries are missing! She knows that the deal with the broker was to involve some waters near The Tower on the the Harsh Atolls. It seems that the Gremshins have also been in talks with House Murdock shield.pngabout possibly acquiring the Arcane Forge. With the papers missing however, she is unsure what transactions may have taken place, or if the Lock Box was possibly compromised. Razvahn asks if the chest can only be opened by someone of Gremshin blood, or with Gremshin blood…. Matchstick takes the handkerchief that Alysia had cleaned her pinprick with, and slices her finger to mix their blood. Telling the Gremshin to re-secure it, the halfling lays her hand on it, and it pops open freely. Alysia’s worry is palpable, and she promises to keep the party informed of what she learns from her father when she communicates with him thru the secure scrying channel in Faxton. From the box she makes several small pouches to give to the party, saying it is the payment a mercenary or hired man would receive for escorting, protecting, and serving, and Gremshin in the ways that they have

The rest of their journey is uneventful, but as they approach Faxton, their excitement builds. The roads start becoming crowded with wagons and beasts of burden, and even the skys are abuzz with air ships and flying mounts carrying people and goods to and from the city.

They depart from the carriage once close en ough to enter the city by foot, and receive a business card from Alysia, granting them entrance to the Gremshin residency in the Interior. They immediately make their way thru the town to find some much needed supplies and upgrades in the various Faxton Shops. e3f95c8f3f7d5e32f68dcc56901f8855.jpg

Among their encounters, Razvahn buys a few things from a curio shop keep who tells him of a Shadar Kai that had sold a few things a few years before. Soon after, A strange man with an arcane prosthetic hand had come thru to buy what the mad had sold. Later on, the party meets for a few drinks with a merchant at the Broken Bow. Between rounds he recalls the story of the Shadar Kai, and even of the man who had come thru town a few days after to buy up whatever he had sold in the various shops. As they relax and chat, the arcane fighting arena becomes available and the game master issues a challenge, seeking the adventuresome tavern goer. The party bets some gold, don the virtual helmets, and everything goes dim as they feel their minds being scanned….