The continent which the campaign takes place. It is divided into two main kingdoms, the Drake Fire Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Trees. Both kingdoms are a collections of providences and various states.

The Drake Fire kingdom is a militaristic state. It has a steady nation wide economy that maintains connection throughout its lands by a network of rail systems. The rails and most larger vehicles on them are powered by harnessed and entrapped elementals of wind, electricity, and other energy weirds. Though the Drake Fire Kingdom is ruled overall by the military, various providences, fiefdoms, states, and even small kingdoms exist within it. Some of these stretch back far into antiquity, and they are generally allowed to rule themselves unless otherwise dictated or called upon by the Drake Fire Kingdom Command. As many military overseers, royalty, and rich people of status often occupy the same areas and even sometimes the same interests, the kingdom is known to have a problem with low level corruption, back scratching, and excessive leniency on both sides.

The Kingdom of Trees is a federation kingdom. It is ruled by a console of seven elected officials from the seven territories of the kingdom. Citizens of the Kingdom of Trees are free to travel between these regions, but each may have different laws, customs, and taxes depending on their Counsilman or woman at that time. Because of this structute, the economy tends to be more locally based. There are many trade routes and hubs in the Kingdom of trees, but many rely on what is regionally available. Because this is the focus of most trade, the road and infrastructure in the Kingdom of trees is generally well kept. The Kingdom of Trees has a cooperative government structure, but behind the scenes, suffers from political infighting and jockeying.

Though the Kingdoms are in a stale mate and under constant threat of war, many citizens of the continent still maintain livelihoods on both sides, sometimes even at the same time. Many merchant guilds, investors, and even some nobel families, own investments and lands that lie in the opposing kingdom, and even are split by the border. In some parts of the kingdoms, citizens are able to cross freely and travel either side of the continent. Many still carry documentation of their citizenship or at least land ownership to show that they are in fact citizens and are who they claim to be. While travel is not strictly forbidden for normal citizens, most who do cross keep their heads down and stay out of trouble as to avoid any unwanted attention. There are still many places and cities where only residents and citizens may cross or enter, and many communities where the other kingdom is considered the “enemy”.

The one place that citizens of either kingdom are not allowed to travel is to the Blank. This island off the north coast sits just on the side of the Drake Fire Kingdom. Many rumors surround this location, as well a myriad of unspeakable dangers and wicked creatures.


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