Beholder's Bazaar


A two week long, huge trade and craft festival held every year in the southern port city of Faxton, in the Drake Fire Kingdom. It draws merchants and tradesman from all over the realms, and sometimes from other planes as well. It is said that you can find almost anything there, if you have the gold, and know where to look….
While the official festivities only take place for two weeks, it’s not uncommon for people to arrive in Faxton almost a month early in preparation and to either spy on their competition, or to scope out vendors and wares that one might be looking for. Even after the festival ends, many merchants and guilds continue to have a small presence for a few weeks generally to wrap up last minute deals.


The Honorable Merchants Guild always makes a strong showing, as well as many of the larger trade guilds. Craftsmen, masons, and all sorts or artisans can make enough to live an entire year between festivals if they do well enough.

Beholder's Bazaar

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