The City lies in ruins after the attack by the behemoth and abominations during the Second Catastrophe. Approach any closer than a few miles is now almost nearly impossible, as a thick poisonous clous still drifts around it…

A huge city that sits directly on the political boarder of the two kingdoms. Over the many years of the Dividing War it was taken and retaken by each side. Once the truce began, it was established as a neutral city in which both kingdoms could conduct business with each other and for themselves. It is surrounded by 50 foot walls of stone. Inside the walls are a network of tunnels and store rooms used by the city watch and a few guilds.

It is mainly a trading and political hub where people and diplomats from both sides come to reach agreements and to barter. Considered one of the few places of neutrality in all the kingdoms and regions, it draws people from all the lands who seek the have a voice in processes and bargains that would otherwise be held strictly behind closed doors. An invitation by a party to conduct a negotiation at Split is taken seriously by anyone who realizes the sincerity and commitment to actual discussion.

The city has three factions of “peace keepers”. The Drake Fire Kingdom and the Kingdom of Trees both keep guards around the entrances of the city, and guarding places considered important to both kingdoms. This is done as both a commitment to the neutrality of the city, and show of presence to the other kingdom. They are not assigned to help stop crime or the well being of the city itself, but they do occasionally help the town guard. An assignment to guard duty in Split is considered “easy” and often affords a more relaxed attitude. Many of these soldiers have known their counterparts for years, and friendships are common place. The City Guard is a separate entity and is responsible for the general peace and order of the city. Maintaining watches, crime prevention and investigation, and other policing duties make up the tasks of the City Guard.

The main building of Split is a large, ancient Colosseum that was converted to a meeting location for the Drake Fire Kingdom and the Kingdom of Trees. It is heavily guarded by soldiers of both kingdoms, and thoroughly enchanted with anti-scrying magic.

The city also houses the Grand Library. Besides serving as a source for books, scrolls, scriptures, and other scholarly things, it also functions as the housing for sensitive documents from both kingdoms of Arnëa. A sort of mutually assured destruction lies in this practice, as the enchantments on the Grand Library are designed to detect any sort of subterfuge or prying by either kingdom. If these magics are triggered, then documents from both sides will be teleported to central hubs of the opposing kingdom. Aside from sensitive state secrets and general information, the Grand Library also acts as the City Clerk’s Office. Information on trades, organizations, deaths, births, and other regional going-ons resign here, as well as the librarians and clerks who can help you find all this information. Barry the Bureamancer is one such clerk.


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