Attention, fine people of Arnëa! War is no reason to keep your coin at home! Tragedy is no dissuasion to keep your gold in its purse! Meet new friends, make profitable deals, find anything your heart desires at…

Beholder's Bazaar

Visit us in beautiful Faxton in the south of the Drake Fire Kingdom! For two weeks, the finest wares and goods from across the lands (and maybe even the Planes) can be found all in one place! Though the Bazaar starts in only a few weeks, booth space is still available. For a “nominal” late registration fee….

How it begins…


“Ours is not a war for dominance. We take no part in the war for fiefdom or rule. We do not fight for glory. We do not fight for any man but those who wish to live free. Ours is not a war for victory, it is the war against chaos!”
- The Last Obsidian Dragon, Grenkar, Founder of the Wall

The Cold Truce has been the stand off between the two major ruling kingdoms of Arnëa for the last 500 years. The great Dividing War that originally tore the continent apart is all but forgotten, except by those who wish to harbor old resentments. As the years have passed, each side has grown weary of the Cold Truce, and each seek to rule the other.

The Drake Fire Kingdom is said to be the original agitators in the the Dividing War. The once smaller kingdom amassed armies and resources for years before beginning their conquest. Those loyal to the kingdom say that the histories are skewed. They say that their march across the lands was to fight back the tide of savagery and lawlessness brought by the migrants of the southern continent, Umberia. The opposing Kingdom of Trees was originally composed of several smaller ruled lands that banded together to halt the Drake Fire Kindom's advance. Many Umberian descendants now populate this kingdom, and it is a common sentiment that Drake Fire simply saw their time of migration as a politically opportune moment to whip up frenzy.

What they are now calling The Second Catastrophe has changed everything…


The attack on the city of Split has enraged the citizens of Arnëa, from both kingdoms. And now smoldering animosities buried beneath years of uneasy peace have begun to ignite…

This is where you stand. You have gained initiation to the Wall. An organization dedicated not to balance, but to ensuring than neither side plunges the continent into bloodshed and ruin. The Wall stands for the people, a protection against the tide of Chaos, and a beacon of hope that someday the people will rule themselves through choice, instead of simply fearing war.

Your actions will have far reaching consequences across Arnëa, and the relationships you cultivate can be heavily influential in your quests. Reputation gained and used will help to drive those around you to help, or force them to fear you. This is The Cold Truce. War is but one outcome….

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The Cold Truce

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